American Express: new services save money and time.

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Because saving time and money is crucial to the success of any enterprise, American Express offers several new programs to help businesses of all sizes achieve both goals.

The American Express Corporate Card now provides cardmembers with a Monthly No Interest program that allows the financing of purchases up to 13 months without interest costs or pre-set spending limits.

"We are pleased to be able to offer this program currently in Mexico and plan soon to expand it to the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean," says Ramon Martin, American Express Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Services, Latin America and Caribbean Division. "Now companies can make purchases at any one of our participating merchants and enjoy the comforts of 'buying now and paying later'."

American Express recently launched the "InfoExpress" service in Latin America and the Caribbean to assist clients in their efforts to simplify company expenses on the Corporate Card, the Corporate Purchasing Card and in cash expenditures.

The system notifies companies via email of expenses that need to be paid and allows the investigation of each expense, plus the benefit of electronic bill pay. This creates better control of documentation and generates claims automatically.

"We have also launched Remote Account Management (RAM) to better support our mid-sized companies," Martin says. "It is a more personalized system that offers an American Express account manager to help company representatives understand the company's business costs. Our managers can also assist in assessing the best expense management solution for your company."

The American Express RAM service focuses on travel and entertainment policy, expense processes, payment methods and supplier management.

"With RAM, we help our cardmembers maximize savings at no extra cost and ensure that our products and services meet each of their individual needs," Martin adds. "We also deliver updates on new and enhanced products delivered to cardmembers at a time relevant for their business."

The American Express Corporate Gold Card services will soon be available in Argentina, according to Martin. Currently...

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