American Diplomacy Spoken Word Links--October 2016.

Author:Sempa, Francis P.

"Defending Cyberspace"

On October 18, 2016, Curtis Dukes of the Natioall Security Agency (NSA) spoke on cybersecurity at the American Enterprise Institute. He discussed the nature of the threats in this domain and identified current and potential cyber opponenets, including Russia, China and Iran. He also suggested that the natione needs to rethink how it organizes institutionally for cyber defense.;

"Inside the Making of India's National Security Policy"

A former member of India's foreign policy/national security establishment, Shivshankar Menon, spoke recently at the Brookings Institution about his new book about the making of India's foreign policy.

"Reforming the United Nations"

Former Australian Prime Minister and foreign Minister Kevin Rudd spoke recently at the Carnegie Endownment of International Peace about the necessity of reforming the UN to make it more effective in an increasingly interdepemdent world.

"The Legacy of the Reagan Administration"

On October 13, 2016, the Council on Foreign Relations hosted an event where Jacob Weisberg, Peter Wallison and James Wilson discussed how much credit President Reagn deserves for ending and winning the Cold War.

"Maritime Security"

U.S. Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, head of Southern Command, in an event co-sponsored by the...

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