The 2011 North American International Auto Show: a world-class auto show in the Motor City.

Author:Meade, Barron

It is impossible to say "Detroit" and not have "automobiles" come to mind. After all, we are proud to be the Motor City.

If you want to see the best a town and culture have to offer, come visit the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Under the "automotive blanket" of NAIAS, we house pride, passion, determination, and music and entertainment, while serving as the world's tour guide to the next advancements in the global automotive market, economy and industry innovation.

Show organizers and the entire town deliver a show that awes and inspires visitors because of our ability to exceed expectations. Approximately 5,000 media from around the world come to the NAIAS at Cobo Center. The 2010 NAIAS saw public attendance rise to 715,000. We approach January with a heightened sense of "more" cued up.


Approaching our 23rd

NAIAS this January at Detroit's Cobo Center, the significance of the show's role to the city, as well as nationally and globally, can sometimes be understated. We have been a part of the automotive fabric of the world for so long and so successfully that locally, we tend to overlook the groundbreaking nature of this event.

NAIAS is a symbol of tenacity, unity and all that is good and great about our hometown. All we ask is that you come to Cobo Center and experience the pride we feel, and leave with the pride you should carry with you as Detroiters. NAIAS is not only a national and world-class premier event; it is a global beacon that invites and draws people from every part of the world to come right here to Detroit to influence and experience the direction of technology and innovation into the future.


NAIAS is in the unique and exciting position of serving the needs of many audiences: public, industry, governmental officials, opinion leaders and the media. NAIAS 2011 is going to be a culminating...

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