American Bar Association House of Delegates.


Former Presidents

Martha W. Barnett

Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte

Chesterfield H. Smith

Wm. Reece Smith, Jr.

State Delegate

Benjamin H. Hill III

Delegates of The Florida Bar

Tod Aronovitz

Jennifer J. Ator

Kelly Overstreet Johnson

Miles A. McGrane III

Edith G. Osman

Terrence Russell

Herman J. Russomanno

Stephen N. Zack

Criminal Justice Section

Neal R. Sonnett

Legal Education and Admissions

to the Bar Section

Jose Garcia-Pedrosa

Section of Public Utility,

Communications and

Transportation Law

Alan P. Buchmann

Young Lawyers Division

Rachelle L. DesVaux Bedke


Hilarie F. Bass

Raquel A. Rodriguez

National Association of

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Albert J. Krieger

Association of American Law Schools

Joseph D. Harbaugh

Delegate of Broward County

Bar Association

D. David Keller

Delegate of Dade County

Bar Association

Richard M. Leslie

Delegate of Hillsborough County

Bar Association

C. Timothy Corcoran III

Delegate of Orange County

Bar Association

R. Lee Bennett

Delegate of Palm Beach County

Bar Association

Larry D. Murrell, Jr.

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