American Airlines offers new 'basic economy' fares with no carry-ons.


American Airlines will offer a new "basic economy" options, though fliers looking for a deal will have to pay the price of their carry-ons.

Passengers on certain routes will be able to get seats for lower prices, the company announced Wednesday.

It was not immediately clear what the new prices would be, though the company said it is "not a new discount, but a new set of attributes for our lowest fares."

Fliers can only bring a personal item for under the seat in front of them, with all other luggage required to be checked, generally for at least a $25 fee.

Tickets are non-refundable, customers don't get seat assignments until check in and fliers will be in the last group seated in the cabin.

The other major U.S. carriers, Delta and United, have implemented their own "basic economy" offers to compete with discount airlines such as Spirit and Frontier that charge for carry-ons and many services.

United's program has a similar baggage restriction as American, though Delta's does not.

Many European low-cost airlines also offer low fares while allowing passengers a free piece of carry-on baggage.

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