America and WWI; A Traveler's Guide.

Author:Charpentier, Julia Ann
Position:Book review

Mark D. Van Ells; AMERICA AND WWI; Interlink Books (Nonfiction: History) 22.00 ISBN: 9781566569750

Byline: Julia Ann Charpentier

Rich descriptions of scenes from WWI and present-day areas of interest for historians and travelers make this somber guide intriguing.

A sophisticated history text integrates the practical details of a guide in this informative and illustrative look at World War I. Mark D. Van Ells presents his meticulously researched view of the Great War in America and WWI: A Traveler's Guide. Part instruction and part tourism -- a complementary combination -- this vivid and often graphic book ensnares the queasy traveler then provides a productive trip through its pages.

Written by a professor, these eighteen chapters and four appendixes contain vital statistics and an orderly progression of events that establish an accurate time line of the war. Interspersed are anecdotes, trivia, and black-and-white photographs. Helpful in gaining an understanding of the battles and sieges that transpired, Van Ells offers factual data like a journalist but explains martial reasoning like a teacher.

Patriotism charges this work with an anticipated pro-American stance. In an attempt to be uplifting, which is commendable, Van Ells shines a spotlight on those...

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