Amendment 13: Ends Dog Racing.

AuthorImhof, Patrick L.
PositionThird Florida Constitution Revision Commission Proposals

Amendment 13, the last constitutional amendment on the ballot, (1) amends Fla. Const. art. X, by adding a new section. The new section begins by affirming that the humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value of the people of the state of Florida and prohibits, after December 31, 2020, a person authorized to conduct gaming or pari-mutuel operations from racing greyhounds or any member of the canis familiaris, subspecies in connection with any wager for money or any other thing of value in Florida. Persons in Florida would also be prohibited from wagering money or any other thing of value on the outcome of a live dog race occurring in Florida after that date.

The revision also provides that failure to conduct greyhound racing or wagering on greyhound racing after December 31, 2018, is not grounds to revoke or deny renewal of other related gaming licenses held by a person who is a licensed greyhound permitholder on January 1, 2018. It also does not affect the eligibility of the permitholder or the pari-mutuel facility permitholder to conduct pari-mutuel activities authorized by general law. It requires the legislature to specify penalties for violations of this new section and for activities that aid or abet violations of the section. The revision takes effect upon the approval of the electors.

Gambling and Gaming in Florida (2)

In general, gambling is illegal in Florida. (3) However, the following gaming activities are authorized by law and regulated by the state: pari-mutuel wagering (4) and licensed greyhound, horse tracks, and jai alai frontons, slot-machine gaming at certain licensed pari-mutuel locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and cardrooms (5) at authorized pari-mutuel facilities. (6) The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) regulates pari-mutuel wagering, slot machines at the pari-mutuel facilities in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and the cardrooms. There is other legalized gaming in Florida not regulated by the department. (7) Pari-mutuel wagering is governed by F.S. Ch. 550 (2018).

F.S. [section]550.054 (2018) provides that any person meeting the qualification requirements of Ch. 550 may apply to the division for a permit to conduct pari-mutuel wagering.

Wagering on greyhound racing is considered pari-mutuel wagering and is authorized by Fla. Const. art. X, [section]7. There are currently 19 greyhound racing permits (8) in Florida (9) conducting live racing at 12 greyhound racing tracks...

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