Author:Kane, Lawrence
Position:Book review

Stephen Maitland-Lewis (author); AMBITION; Glyd-Evans Press (Fiction: Thriller) 27.95 ISBN: 9780983259664

Byline: Lawrence Kane

George Tazoli is a young, successful floor trader at Forest & Vignes bank, an institution reeling from a portfolio of bad loans. He is also dating billionaire bank president Peter Donovan's daughter, Sam. Although he is an outstanding employee, his working-class roots put Tazoli in a poor light, particularly for his girlfriend's socialite mother. When Donovan concocts an elaborate scheme to divest of the bank's bad accounts in order to court new investors, it seems that sending Tazoli from Los Angeles to New York to secretly disposition the loans would solve two problems simultaneously. Given a raise and an apartment, he could focus on turning around the bank's financials in a secure location thousands of miles away from Sam.

Normally trading and settling activities would be handled by two different people to assure adequate checks and balances, but in Donavan's mind the need for confidentiality overrides fiduciary caution. He has, however, drastically underestimated Tazoli's ambition. His arrangement opens the door for Tazoli to manipulate the system in his own favor. Discovery of a hidden sex tape involving his boss and a trio of prostitutes adds leverage to Tazoli's schemes.

Stephen Maitland-Lewis had a long career as an attorney and investment banker before turning to writing. An award-winning author, he is a member of the Executive Advisory Committee of the International Mystery Writer's Festival. Pulling from his vast industry experience he has crafted a...

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