Ambient Flowers.

Author:Bethany, Susan
Position:Video recording review

Ambient Flowers

Jumby Bay Studios/

11783 Borman Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146

8-26058-03342-6 $29.95 1-800-476-1991

The "Ambient Art" series are nine individually themed DVDs designed for television sets, and based on the concept of turning that TV screen into a simulated fireplace, aquarium, or other calming, mood-setting, or sleep-inducing experience for the viewer. Ambient Flowers: The Ultimate Video Garden and Reference DVD is the newest addition to this enthusiastically recommended series. The pictorial images present a flower garden which bursts into bloom with over 325 gorgeous flowers presented in a high definition format with customizable audio track that features nature sounds, classical guitar, classical music, or a combination of music and SFX.. Ambient Flowers is also packed with invaluable reference and botanical information for each of the flowers. This information can be readily accessed by simply hitting the "enter" button on the DVD remote control when that particular flower is on the screen. Viewers can also use the multiple angles feature of their DVD player and enjoy Ambient Flowers with a lower third providing the background information details. The Ambient Flowers DVD also comes filed with more than 150 PDFs that provide detailed reference...

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