Author:Sondhi, Alicia
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Angela J. Townsend (author); AMAROK; Spencer Hill Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 9.95 ISBN: 9781937053222

Byline: Alicia Sondhi

In order to save the one person she loves, a troubled teen must find the strength and courage to break an ancient curse.

A plan to run away becomes infinitely more dangerous when Emma is kidnapped by a mountain recluse. Forced to trek through the Alaskan wilderness, her only comfort comes from the bond she makes with the man's big black wolf. She gives the wolf the name Amarok, not knowing that trapped within its body is the soul of a young man. Imprisoned years ago by an evil shaman, Amarok is determined to protect Emma. However, it is soon his life that hangs in the balance, and only Emma can save him.

The story moves along quickly, and is particularly compelling after the halfway point. As the book progresses, there is a noticeable shift in pace and intensity. Chapters end on cliffhangers and readers will race to find out what happens. After the climax however, the book's resolution feels a little drawn out.

The writing and plot are fairly direct, and in those terms the book would be better suited for young teen or preteen readers rather than young adults. Granted, though, the emotional troubles and physical danger Emma faces could be a little scary for a young audience.

The book alternates between Emma and...

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