Alyeska's Annual Spring Carnival.


With the darker days of winter fading into memory and Alaska's miffed sun lovers peeking out of their holes, who would strap on skis or a snow board in April and make a run through a wet, cold, slushy pond?

More than you might think.

This Easter weekend is the 23rd Annual Spring Carnival at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. On April 21 and 22, local crowds and tourists will gather to celebrate the new spring and cap off the weekly winter operations until next November.

"It's a tremendous amount of fun," said Cella Baker, marketing manager for Alyeska. "It's the weekend after we close our seven-day operations."

The resort and The Westin Alyeska Prince Hotel are a perfect place to get away to celebrate spring and the carnival has become a favorite of many locals looking to do something adventurous.

Registration begins at noon on April 21. Scheduled events that day include an Arctic Airwalkers paragliding exhibition and a Beach Blanket Bingo party.

On Saturday, there is a snowboard competition, barbecues and more paragliding. Registration for the slush cup continues until 3:30 p.m., when 45 names are drawn for participants.

Since this year's carnival falls on Easter weekend, the slush cup race will be on Saturday, not Sunday as usual, Baker said. "We have a lot of Easter activities planned this year, too," she said.

After the names are drawn, contestants have about an hour to pay...

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