Always Will.

Author:Amidon, Allyce
Position:Book review

Melanie Jacobson; ALWAYS WILL; Covenant Communications (Fiction: Romance) 15.99 ISBN: 9781680476156

Byline: Allyce Amidon

This lighthearted romantic comedy pushes its self-assured female protagonist down a constantly twisting path toward adulthood.

Having a crush on an older sibling's best friend is practically a right of passage for teens. The problem for Hannah is that, at twenty-five, the crush hasn't gone away, and the man in question has just announced his intention to find himself a wife. Clearly, drastic measures need to be taken, in Melanie Jacobson's lighthearted romantic comedy Always Will.

When Hannah was seventeen, she confessed her feelings to Will, only to have them laughed off. Now she's all grown up with a great career, a nice apartment, and a fabulous wardrobe. Of course, she also still has her ridiculous crush, exacerbated by the fact that Will lives three apartments down and the two spend nearly all of their free time together. But things are fine, at least until Will informs Hannah he's going to seriously start looking for "the one." Hannah knows he's her one, but she also knows he sees her only as his best friend's kid sister. For Hannah, this is a...

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