Alvarez, Julia. Finding miracles.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

ALVAREZ, Julia. Finding miracles. Random House, Knopf. 264p. c2004. 0-375-82760-9. $15.95. JS*

Alvarez has written about families enduring the tyranny in the Dominican Republic in several novels for adults and children, and her own family members are refugees from that terrible time. Finding Miracles is also about a family, but this time living in the safety of Vermont. The parents had once been in the Peace Corps in a third-world country (unnamed in this story) and while there, as violence was beginning, they adopted Millie (Milagros, which means miracle) from an orphanage even though they had their own baby Hate, the same age. Now it is 16 years later and Millie has worked hard to forget she is different from the others in her family; but when Pablo and his family come to their little town in Vermont as refugees from the same country where Millie was born, everything changes. Millie slowly faces the reality of her adoption and her heritage, all while her family is extremely supportive.

The second part of the story takes place in the summer, after elections in Pablo's country promise peace: Millie accompanies Pablo and his family "home" where she has some dramatic encounters. First, she and Pablo fall in love. That's dramatic. Then, they find a nun at an orphanage who remembers Milagros as an...

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