Alt, Carol. This year's model, a novel.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

ALT, Carol. This year's model, a novel. HarperCollins, Avon. 255p. c2008. 978-0-06-136624-6. $13.95. SA

You may not recognize Alt's name, but you will recognize her face. She has been a successful model and has appeared on the cover of more than 700 magazines. In this, her first novel, she tells about a tall, athletic 18-year-old named Melody Ann Croft, waiting tables in NJ to save money to go to the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, whose life changes abruptly when a photographer comes to eat at the restaurant where she works. He encourages her to call some modeling agents in NYC, and within days she is on her way to a successful modeling career. Her name is shortened to Mac, she loses 15 pounds, tells herself she is just working for college money, but gets excited about the competition and the glamour of her new world. She is from a supportive family and has a lot of inner strength to resist the numerous temptations in the high life, but she does see her friends...

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