Alpine Archery.

Author:Smith, Roxanne
Position:2011 New Products

Alpine Archery

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The Alpine Archery Blush is lightweight with an IBO speed of 290 fps at 27" draw length. It is offered in pink camo with rosewood grip with an antique finished emblem on the riser.


The Concorde features a 40" axle-to-axle length and 8.125" brace height set on a machined aluminum riser and 13" limb design. It comes with an adjustable draw length of 27" to 31", draw weights of 50 and 60 lbs. and the Velocitec cam system. The bow features a rosewood grip, an IBO rating of 315 fps and is available with white riser/black limbs or black on black.

The F1 Fireball is fitted with the Velocitec cam with Dynamic Load Balancing Technology, with a forged riser finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up...

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