Alphin, Elaine Marie. The perfect shot.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

ALPHIN, Elaine Marie. The perfect shot. Lerner, Carolrhoda Books. 212p. 1-57505-862-6. c2005. $16.95. JS

The novel opens with the murder of Amanda, her little brother and her mother. It was a day when Brian Hammett and his friends were playing basketball next door. In the heat of the game, Brian brushed aside Amanda, planning on spending time with her later when all the guys weren't there. The next spring, Brian is dealing with her death, with his guilt, and with a nagging feeling that maybe he had seen something significant on that afternoon.

In this cleverly organized narrative, we come to care about Brian as he struggles with making sense of a senseless murder. Through a school project, Brian and his partner Todd confront the prejudice that led to the sensational 1913 trial and murder of Leo Frank. The details of that trial and...

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