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Introducing advanced anilox cleaning technology from Alphasonics USA. Using medical grade technology developed in house, we know the exacting standards demanded in the printing industry. Quality and consistency means everything and the system you choose needs to be counted on to give reliable results every time. This is why when you buy a cleaning system from Alphasonics, you are getting far more than just cutting-edge technology. Much more.

With a name trusted the world over since 1993 and over 2500 systems worldwide,Alphasonics are proud to announce the opening of their dedicated U.S. office. We want to bring you a technology that not only allows you to clean an anilox roll, but to control it. In an industry where 80% of print production issues stem from the condition of the anilox roll, we give you the ability to make the numbers work for you. Every single time you clean.

Control the anilox, control your press, control your profits. It's really that simple.

Using a custom designed, custom made anilox cleaning system from us gives you 5 very real and tangible benefits:

1) 100% Safety for your anilox rolls--assured with a written guarantee

2) 100% deliverable volume

3) A superior cleaning quality with consumable cost that is a fraction of other systems on the market

4) Technology that is trusted and recommended worldwide by major press manufacturers, anilox...

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