ALPFA introduces a new cloud-based technology platform to facilitate learning and increase mentoring opportunities for its members: members have more control of their own career growth.


Raymond Arroyo is President of ALPFA E Wsolutions, an ALPFA organization that delivers innovative leadership programs to create stronger Latino leaders JL who, in turn, deliver greater value for their companies and our nation. Raymond is also a Managing Director and the head of the Diversity Practice at Reffett Associates, a certified, veteran-owned, retained, executive search firm.

Raymond is also the Chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, representing more than 200 chambers and 4.1 million Hispanic-owned businesses. He has been recognized with numerous awards, including being a Top 100 Hispanic in the U.S. by this magazine, for two consecutive years.

We were pleased to meet with Raymond Arroyo again, this time in Hartford, Connecticut, to discuss ALPFA Solutions' progress and find out what's new and exciting on his agenda for the second half of 2016 and into 2017. ALPFA Solutions delivers leadership development programs focused on Latinos, from entry level to middle-management level and executives.

As it turns out, according to Raymond, there are plenty of reasons to cheer and celebrate. ALPFA is about to hold its 2016 annual conference in Dallas to record-breaking attendance, and it continues to grow in membership and in influence. ALPFA is also developing best-in-class services through next-generation learning technology that delivers significant value to members in terms of mentoring, coaching, tutoring, and learning curricula. All in one place. These services are designed to be delivered virtually, either at no cost to ALPFA members, or at an affordable cost, for the premium offerings.


We are thrilled about this new offering. It is ALPFA's new and exclusive Mentoring Exchange and Learning Center, a cloud-based, next-generation leadership certification platform that engages mentors, coaches, and learners. This engagement is realized via an ongoing process of progressive achievement that drives practical application learning through an exciting and exclusive "Learn-Do-Inspire" architecture. It applies metrics to assess skills and drive behavior change through a new technology platform powered by our two strategic partners, Jubi and Kubera. The Mentoring Exchange and Learning Center focuses primarily on 1) Mentoring, Coaching, and Tutoring; and 2) Learning Curricula, with a Leadership certification program built in. These two components combined deliver a cloud-based...

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