Alone Against Gravity; Einstein in Berlin: The Turbulent Birth of the Theory of Relativity, 1914-1918.

Author:Counts, Meredith Grahl
Position:Book review

Thomas De Padova; ALONE AGAINST GRAVITY; Bunim & Bannigan (Nonfiction: Biography) 18.99 ISBN: 9781933480473

Byline: Meredith Grahl Counts

Alone Against Gravity is a fascinating portrait of the most famous scientist of the twentieth century as he faced professional, personal, and political turning points on the eve of World War I.

Einstein came to study in Berlin in 1913, during the city's tech and population boom. As the physicist's colleagues became increasingly nationalistic and their research shifted to weaponry, Einstein had to choose between a cloistered academic life and risking his reputation to promote pacifism.

Forwarding a great sense of the scientific community in a tumultuous era, the book weaves the story of the war into the birth of Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein is elusive; it may be impossible to reconcile the brilliant theorist with the man who emotionally abused his family. He proves both aloof and supportive, playful but capable of great cruelty, and works toward becoming a man who would denounce war.

There is more recorded of Einstein's scientific work than his interior life; such spaces are filled with side...

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