All Yours.

Author:Mulvahill, Karen
Position:Book review

Claudia Pineiro (author); ALL YOURS; Bitter Lemon Press (Fiction: Mystery) $14.95 ISBN: 9781904738800

Byline: Karen Mulvahill

An under-stimulated housewife and her philandering husband breed mayhem in this crime novel by best-selling Argentinean author Claudia Pineiro. Pineiro weaves a tale of intrigue and plot twists centering on InA[c]s, a smart but bored housewife. In first-person narrative, InA[c]s conveys an innocent charm, despite the fact that her husband Ernesto's affairs keep her constantly on edge and terrified that he will leave her -- just as her father walked out on her mother. The fast-paced narrative paints a sad picture of a truly desperate housewife in under 200 pages.

Fearing Ernesto's latest exploit might be getting too serious, InA[c]s follows him one evening and witnesses an argument between his secretary and him that results in the secretary's accidental death. Convinced by the argument that the affair was not serious, InA[c]s takes matters into her own hands to ensure that Ernesto will not be a suspect in the disappearance of his secretary. "A man who kills a woman then goes to pieces. It's like a monkey with a gun. Really dangerous. I took the initiative; if I didn't grab the reins, we'd be lost." And so she gathers up all the letters from "truelove" she finds stashed among Ernesto's things, as well as other incriminating evidence at the secretary's home, including a pink heart inscribed "All Yours." Suddenly her life seems to be important. "Things were becoming more...

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