All-women symposium: time to hear women's voices.

Author:Gouri, Hamutal
Position:THE CONVERSATION - Letter to the editor

Kudos to Moment for its symposium on women and security ("The Missing XX-Factor," March/April 2016). As the symposium reveals, it is indeed time for women's voices to be heard on the crucial issues of security and peacemaking.

As a feminist activist and the director of the Dafna Fund, Israel's only feminist philanthropic foundation, I am privileged to have taken part in the varied and important work done by women's organizations and feminist coalitions dedicated to this issue.

For more than three decades, Israeli women--Palestinian and Jewish alike--have been striving to put an end to the occupation and build cooperation based upon mutual trust and respect. Even during these difficult times, as the political process stagnates and violence escalates, Israeli and Palestinian women continue to engage in...

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