All Through the Night.

AuthorHallberg, Whitney
PositionBook review

Work Title: All Through the Night

Work Author(s): Davis Bunn

Bethany House

384 pages, Hardcover $19.99, 978-0-7642-0541-5, Softcover $13.99, 978-0-7642-0542-2


ISBN: 9780764205422

Reviewer: Whitney Hallberg

The Florida community of Lantern Island is home to business executives, doctors, and at least one shady accountant hiding behind steel shutters and motion detectors. It is a bit exclusive, but Wayne Grusza knows the way because he's been stalking his resident ex-wife.

Since the end of his marriage, Wayne, a former Army Special Ops agent, has become a drifter obsessed with the idea of killing his wife's new husband. To get him back on the right path, Wayne's sister, a woman of the cloth, has gotten him a job investigating a theft from a retirement village by a fast-talking accountant. Wayne and two of the residents soon find the man and recover the stolen cash, but when the crooked bookkeeper is found dead two days later, Wayne finds himself preoccupied with his next assignment: looking into the appearance of what might be an angel.

Easton Grey is one of Florida's top business leaders and philanthropists. He is under self-imposed house arrest after what he believes to be an angel appeared and told him he was in danger. Wayne believes this is a con as well---and that it might be connected to the first. Especially since a man linked to both sides of a hostile takeover of Easton's business lives only a few doors down from the murdered accountant.

While investigating the "angel," Wayne...

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