All Over the Map.


From Alaska to Florida, legislators' jobs vary. And in some states, legislative work has increased significantly while the salaries have not. Here's a look at legislators' compensation and allowances for in-session expenses in 2017. For more detail, see this chart online at, or contact John Mahoney at

State Salary Alabama $44,765/year Alaska S50,400/year Arizona $24,000/year Arkansas $39,400/year California $104,118/year Colorado $30,000/year Connecticut $28,000/year; $38,689/year for president and speaker. Delaware S45,291/year Florida $29,697/year Georgia Sl7,342/year Hawaii $61,380/year; $68,880/year for speaker and president. Idaho S17,017/year; $21,017/year for speaker and pro tem. Illinois S67,836/year Indiana $25,435.98/year Iowa $25,000/year kansas $88.66/day (C) kentucky $188.22/day Louisiana $16.800/year plus $6,000 annual expense allowance (U) Maine $14,271/year for first regular session; $10,158/year for second regular session. Maryland S47,769/year; $62,044 for president and speaker. Massachusetts $62,547.97/year Michigan $71,685/year Minnesota $45,000/year Mississippi $10,000/year Missouri $35,915/year Montana $90.64/day (L) Nebraska $12,000/year Nevada $150.71/day if elected in 2017; $146.29/day for mid-term members. Maximum of 60 days of session. New Hampshire $200/two-year term; $250/two-year term for president and speaker; $3/day for first 15 days of special session. New Jersey $49,000/year; additional 1/3 ($65,333) for Senate president and Assembly speaker. New Mexico None New York $79,500/year North Carolina $13,951/year; $17,048/year for majority and minority leaders; $21,739/year for deputy and speaker pro tem; $38,151/year for president pro tem and speaker. North Dakota $177/day during sessions (C) Ohio $60,584/year Oklahoma $38,400/year Oregon $24.216/year Pennsylvania $86,478.50/year Rhode Island $15,42972/year; rate doubled for Senate president and House speaker. South Carolina $10,400/year South Dakota $6,000/session; $142/day for interim committees. Tennessee $22,667/year Texas $7,200/year Utah $273/day (C) Vermont $70736/week in session Virginia $18,000/year for senators; $17,640/year for delegates. Washington 47,776/year; $56,853 for House speaker and Senate majority leader; $52,314 for minority leaders. West Virginia $20,000/year Wisconsin $50,950/year Wyoming $150/day in session State Per Diem Alabama No per diem. Reimbursed for in-state travel at state employee rate...

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