All Out of Pretty.

Author:Hohman, Hannah
Position:Brief article - Book review - Young adult review

Ingrid Palmer; ALL OUT OF PRETTY; Creston Books (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 16.99 ISBN: 9781939547484

Byline: Hannah Hohman

All Out of Pretty is a horrifying story about a young girl with nothing left to lose -- and what she does in her desperation.

Andrea lives a normal life. She worries about school, has plenty of friends, and enjoys the fringe benefits of being pretty. She also lives with her grandmother -- a situation preferable to dealing with her irresponsible mother. When her grandmother dies, Andrea's life changes overnight.

Andrea's mother, Ayla, has drug and alcohol problems, and is used to living off of her hookups. Though forced to take care of her daughter, she does not change her lifestyle one bit. Andrea is left waiting outside bars for her mother to emerge. She eats whatever she happens to find in the homes of the men her mother sleeps with. When Ayla hooks up with a dangerous drug dealer, he offers Andrea the food and shelter that she craves -- at a price.

The deeper Andrea goes into her new lifestyle...

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