All or Nothing.

AuthorShaw, Heather
PositionBook review

Work Title: All or Nothing

Work Author(s): Preston L. Allen

Akashic Books

280 pages, Softcover $14.95


ISBN: 9781933354415

Reviewer: Heather Shaw

P is a bus driver in Miami. He's got a wife, and two kids, and two big-screen TVs, and two cars, and an addiction. Smoke cigarettes, and you might get cancer. Shoot heroin, and you might O.D. Drink, don't drive. But what's the consequence of gambling? You might get broke. Or you might not. "There are only two kinds of gamblers," protagonist P says, "the lucky and the broke." While P still lives with his family, he is shameless. He calls in sick and sneaks out to the casino. His kid has an asthma attack and he leaves his cell number with the nurse at the emergency room desk. "The kid is safe. The kid is at a hospital, right?" There's a hurricane, and although the dealers have the sense to stay home, the players show up. Dealers aren't addicts. When P leaves his family and moves to Las Vegas, the shame of hiding losses and making up stories---two stories, one for winning and one for losing---also disappears over the horizon. No one cares about your shame in Las Vegas. No one wants to hear your story. They just want you to get out there and win. P starts out on a new foot, leaving the slots for the poker table. The first night, he wins nearly $300,000. The next day, he wins again. He buys a black cowboy hat. A...

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