All Ears: Curio aggregates news stories before converting the articles into audio files.

Author:Mateos, Evelyn

News consumers have a variety of apps at their disposal to help aggregate their news and deliver it in their preferred way. But for those who prefer to listen to their news, whether it's at home or on their daily commute, there's Curio.

Curio is an app that converts news articles into audio files from a range of publications, including the Washington Post, Economist, Financial Times, Guardian, Bloomberg, and more. The app is always uploading and converting new articles, while Curio curates and personalizes news to the users' interests and even functions offline. The app has three different plans for users to choose from: annual premium ($55.99), monthly premium ($7-99) or free, which allows users to listen to 10 free tracks.

The app was created in 2017 by CEO Govind Balakrishnan and COO Srikant Chakravarti as a way "to help (news consumers) understand the world better and feel more connected with it and with (their) peers." Earlier this year, the app became available in the U.S.

Balakrishnan explained that content is handpicked daily by the editorial team and then narrated by professionals. Curio works with more than 40 professional narrators, including the likes of Andi Arndt, a two-time Audie Award winner, and Ronnie Butler, an actor and award-winning audiobook narrator.

In the app, users will find a "For You" tab, which becomes a personalized newsfeed, a discover tab where they can browse by category or publisher, and a library tab where users can check out their...

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