All-Day Breakfast.

Author:Presley, Gary
Position:Book review

Adam Lewis Schroeder; ALL-DAY BREAKFAST; Douglas & McIntyre (Fiction: Humor) 22.95 ISBN: 9781771620642

Byline: Gary Presley

These zombies crave bacon, not brains, in a humorous adventure ripe with keen social observations.

Adam Lewis Schroeder's latest, All-Day Breakfast, latches onto the modern zombie fascination and spins a sardonically humorous allegorical takedown of modern corporate greed, military interventionism, and environmental ignorance.

Substitute teacher Peter Giller takes his Hoover High class to visit nearby Dockside Synthetics, a plastics manufacturer in rural Nebraska. There occurs the zombie-generating accident: kids, teacher, and chaperone are splashed with pink globs of transformative goop. The newly minted zombies have an insatiable lust for bacon -- not brains. Bacon's nasty nitrites are key, repairing things like bullet holes through the shoulder. With Peter, students, and chaperone Colleen trailed by shadowy figures, the quest for a cure ranges across Nebraska to Ohio, then to a lab in California before returning to Nebraska.

Peter is a likable a guy who treasures his two kids, especially since he's been gut-punched by his wife's recent cancer death. What sets him apart is his clear-eyed yet empathetic view of his high schoolers, zombies or regulars, accepting of quirks and mouthiness, remaining ever loyal and protective of them, especially a boy regularly...

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