All about palm pilots.

Author:Erickson, Hans
Position:Technology - Product/Service Evaluation

The Palm VIIx can be had now for $199. We recommend the Palm Vx or its Handspring equivalent, which to keep up now has a $100 rebate on a traded-in personal digital assistant (PDA). In another year the color models will be worthwhile, but for now thousands of programs are written for a monochrome screen, with probably less than 100 written for color.

A caveat: For specific applications, the Pocket PCs are coming into their own. As pilots, we were really excited to hear about the application that has been developed for the iPAQ with a GPS and moving map display. The other, colors vary based upon day or night use with a total of 28 used to indicate all map features necessary.

The other consideration to make with a PDA in business is that the depreciation length is only two years, not the three or more you'd expect your desktop or other computing device to be around. The reasons for this are the constant environmental dangers and rough handling the PDA is exposed to.

Palm Pilot applications of note: Adobe has an Acrobat reader available for the Palm. You don't want to go here unless you have the 8-meg model, but if you have the space, this is an amazing and productive tool to take reference documents, manuals and other information with you without filling up a briefcase. It's a very easy-to-use application that allows you to take big documents with you conveniently; just bring a magnifying glass for reading.

Got a corrupted database? As your phone directory and calendar databases grow and the number of changes to it increase, the potential for database corruption occurs just as with any other data tool, maybe more so because of the disarmingly quick connect and link process for the palm. DBCleaner, Version 1.1, is a utility you can get at that will allow you to recover from a corrupted database without having to do a hard reset on your Palm, a cure which is often almost as bad as the...

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