Alive Again.

Author:Hibbard, Cheryl
Position:Book review

Howard C. Samuels (author); ALIVE AGAIN; John Wiley & Sons (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 24.95 ISBN: 9781118364413

Byline: Cheryl Hibbard

Therapist, recovering addict, shows you don't have to be boring to be sober; offers excellent advice on what to expect when you decide to seek help.

"As a therapist, I don't actually save patients," states clinical psychologist Howard C. Samuels in his new book, Alive Again: Recovering from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. A leading specialist in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, the doctor -- himself a recovering addict -- may find that his patients and their families and friends do not agree.

Samuels may not be performing life-saving surgery, but his work in creating and operating effective recovery programs for addicts has changed the lives of thousands, helping them to save themselves. His book is certain to touch and change the lives of thousands more.

Alive Again is a must-read for anyone dealing with alcoholism or drug addiction. It is a straightforward book that explains a great deal about addiction, its causes, and its treatment. Samuels advocates ongoing therapy and a 12-step program, with a goal of healing through increased self-respect and deeper, more engaging human relationships.

As a recovering alcoholic and addict himself, sober now for twenty-eight years, Samuels knows firsthand about the excuses, manipulation, and denial inherent with addiction. His own experiences add immensely to his credibility as an effective addiction therapist and writer, and he sugarcoats nothing. Rationalizations like, "I can't do cocaine anymore, but I can handle a little glass of Scotch," "it's only one drink," and "it's just a little weed" are as common as they are dangerous. Samuels once swore to his family that he would never touch cocaine again; instead, he...

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