Alexander Girard.

Author:Nola, Meg
Position:Book review

Todd Oldham (author), Kiera Coffee (author); ALEXANDER GIRARD; AMMO Books (Nonfiction: Art) $200.00 ISBN: 9781934429846

Byline: Meg Nola

Alexander Girard was born in New York in 1907, grew up in Florence, Italy, received a degree from Rome's Royal School of Architecture, and subsequently began one of the design field's most fascinating and exhaustive careers. Little was beyond the realm of this man's diverse talents, a designer who during his eighty-plus years on earth brought his vision to home exteriors and interiors, factories, offices, museum exhibits, restaurants, furniture, textiles, doors and door handles, lighting and light bulbs, plates, cups, neckties, swizzle sticks, sugar packets, radio cabinets -- in essence, anything he felt a need to create. Described by architect Charles Eames as being a bit like a magpie, Girard proved such with his keen-eyed curiosity, resourcefulness, and love of color and whimsy.

Contemporary designer Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee offer a fine tribute to Girard here, following the scope of his early years and career milestones to his general philosophy and work ethic. From his association with furniture manufacturer Herman Miller to his total immersion in projects like Manhattan's iconic La Fonda del Sol and L'Etoile restaurants, to a three-dimensional, object-based mural conceptualized for John Deere's corporate headquarters, no detail was forgotten, no nuance ignored. Girard's revamp of Braniff Airlines' 1960s...

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