Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime.

Position:Children's review - Book review

Margot Desannoy, Margot Desannoy; ALEX AND THE AMAZING DR. FRANKENSLIME; Yellow Daffodil Press, Yellow Daffodil Press (Young Adult Fiction) $12.95 ISBN: 9780982494370

Dads the one who messed up in my family but Im the one who has to go see a therapist. On what planet does that make sense?

In Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime a novel by Margot Desannoy for children ages nine to fourteen tomboy Alexandra Kinslow faces some of lifes toughest challenges--her parents separation her fathers alcoholism and an abusive home life. The story begins with Alexs mother forcing her to attend therapy. Twelve-year-old Alex has been violent disrespectful moody and disinterested in school. Her mother believes that counseling may help her regain control. At first Alex wants no part of this. She refuses to cooperate and acts out during sessions hoping to force the therapist to give up. However over time Alex grows to trust the doctor and begins opening up her heart. While slow at first the process brings the start of a brighter future as Alex learns to deal with the deep pain she has experienced.

Desannoy gently enlightens readers about psychiatric therapy as Alex finds healing through therapy and discovers what the process is like for children. Written from a young girls point of view the book examines the struggles a troubled child faces. The pain of a dysfunctional home life and the hope of a better family experience ring loudly to...

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