Alaska's Strongest Links: The Top 49ers.

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This is the l7th year Alaska Business Monthly has honored the top 49 for-profit, Alaskan-owned businesses in the state, based on gross revenues. This year's Top 49ers- "The Strongest Links" in their class-includes companies that had 2000 gross revenues of at least $20.1 million. The most profitable, Arctic Slope Regional Corp., boasted 2000 gross revenues of over $1 billion.

British-born "Weakest Link" is the latest rage in game shows. Boasting more than 15 million viewers weekly host Anne Robinson; known as the toughest and rudest game-show host in the business, rapidly fires questions to eight contestants Who each have hopes of taking away a grand prize of up to $1 million. In this show of put downs, there is only one winner. The other seven will depart the stage with the command "You are the weakest link-goodbye".

Here at Alaska Business Monthly we don't focus on the "weak' links in our economy. Business come and go, and always will. It is part of doing business in the Last Frontier, as it is doing business any where in the world. Things happen. Oil prices drop. Salmon runs don't come in. Laws are passed that limit timber operations. Gold prices plummet. Sure we report on these happenings and describe some of the hardships affecting industry, but our main purpose is to support industry in Alaska. We take every opportunity we can to applaud business and leaders who are making a difference in the Alaska economy.

Hence, the Top 49ers- Alaska's Strongest Links. For 17 years we have honored the top for-profit Alaskan-owned businesses in the state, based on gross revenues. For financial institutions the figures used include interest income. For travel agencies, real estate firms and insurance companies, revenues include commissions, fees and other incomes.

In the past, to qualify as a Top 49er, a company had to have its headquarters in Alaska as well. Times and so have our qualifications. We do not feel a company should be eliminated from consideration just because it has become successful enough operate outside Alaska. Still, the company must have significant operations in Alaska-not just an office.

This year is the first year since its inception in 1985 that any corporation on the list has gross revenues that have topped $1 billion. That premium spot goes to Arctic Slope Regional Corp., which was formed in the early 1970s as part-of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act that passed in 1971 to compensate Alaska Natives for the loss of lands historically used and occupied. Thirteen regional corporations received a total of $962.5 million and 12 of those corporations divided 44 million acres of land.

Arctic Slope, which employs 5,973 individuals, isn't alone in its success. Ten of the 13 regional corporations made the Top 49ers listing this year. An additional three village corporations are ranked among the state's most profitable Alaska companies. In fact, these Native organizations bring 49.7 percent of the revenue represented by all industries that made the Top 49er listing, and employ 54.6 percent of all employees represented here.

When all is totaled; Native organizations featured on Top 49ers listing employ 14,588 individuals and bring in $2.4.billion in gross revenues. Construction is the second-ranking industry on the listing, with 4,840 employees and $684 million in gross revenues for 2000. All 49 companies combined employ 26,717 individuals and bring in nearly $4.9 billion in revenue.

This year there are several new or returning faces on the list. Those include First Bank of Ketchikan (48th position), Hickel Investment Co. (29th place), New Horizons Telecom Inc. (37th position), Northern Sales Company of Alaska Inc. (31st position), Spinell Homes Inc. (36th place) and Tatonduk Outfitters (43rd position).

Several corporations have made the listing every year for the past 17 years. Those include Alaska Industrial Hardware Inc. (23rd position), Arctic Slope Regional Corp. (1st position), Bristol Bay Native Corp. (8th position), Cook Inlet Region Inc. (4th place), First National Bank of Anchorage (9th position), NANA Regional Corp. Inc. (7th position), Sealaska Corp. (16th place), Seekins Ford Lincoln Mercury Inc. (15th place), Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. (35th place), VF Grace Inc. (40th place) and VECO Corp. (2nd position).

Departing from the list this year, after making it every year since its inception, are National Bank of Alaska and Reeve Corp. National Bank of Alaska was bought out by Wells Fargo and no longer qualifies as a Top 49er because it is no longer Alaskan-owned; Reeve Corp. went out of business early this year after serving Alaska since 1932.

All of the corporations featured in this listing deserve recognition for their contributions to Alaska. They provide jobs and give back to the communities they serve in. They also help to diversify the economy and make Alaska a better place to work and play. To the 2001 Top 49ers-we salute you.

Debbie Cutler


The Top 49ers for 2001 by Employee Breakdown. Transportation (10.0%) Services (3.6%) Retail Trade (2.9%) Native Organization (54.6%) Mining & Oil (0.5%) Industrial Services (1.5%) Finance, Insurance & Real Estate (6.4%) Construction (18.1%) Wholesale Trade (2.4%) Note: Table made for pie chart The Top 49ers for 2001 by Total Gross Revenue. Transportation (11.2%) Services (1.8%) Retail Trade (7.4%) Native Organization (49.7%) Mining & Oil (0.6%) Industrial Services (1.3%) Finance, Insurance & Real Estate (9.9%) Construction (14.0%) Wholesale Trade (4.0%) Note: Table made from pie chart 1 Arctic Slope Regional Corp.

1230 Agvik St.

Barrow, AK 99723

Phone: 852-8633

Fax: 852-5733


Jacob Adams, Pres./CEO

Oliver Leavitt, Chairman

Conrad Bagne, COO

Employees: 5,973

Year Estab.: 1972

Rank Last Year 1


Native Organization


A diversified holding company with businesses in commercial construction, resource exploration and development petroleum refining and product sales plastic products manufacturing, automotive merchandise sales, oil-field support, hotel, tourism, engineering, consulting, environmental remediation, telecommunications and cable operations.


Alaska Growth Capital, Arctic Slope Construction Inc., Eskimos Inc, Natchiq Inc., Alaska Petroleum Contractors, ASRC Parsons Engineering LLC, Houston Contracting Co., Houston/NANA JV Global Power and Communications LLC Omega Services Industries Inc., Natchiq Sakhaling LLC, Petro Siar Inc., Sourdough Fuel, Valdez Petroleum Terminal, Peiro Star Valdez Refinery Kodiak Oil Sales and Services, Puget Plastics Corp., SKW/Eskimos Inc. SKW/Contractors Inc., Tundra Tours Inc., Top of. the World Hotel Arctic Slope Consulting Group Inc ASAC Aerospace Stope World Services.

[Graph omitted]

REVENUE (Millions $) 2000 1037.77 1999 885.47 1998 887.51 1997 662.80 1996 530.00 Change 15% from 1999. 2 VECO Corp.

3601 C St. Ste. 1000

Anchorage, AK 99503

Phone: 264 8100

Fax: 264-8130



Bill Allen; Chairman/CEO

Pete Leathard, Pres./COO

Roger Chan, Exec.


Employees: 4,500

Year Estab.: 1968

Rank Last Year: 3




Engineering and design, construction, equipment, operations and maintenance and oil-field services.




First phase of BP s Northstar modules completed in Anchorage then shipped and installed Design construction and installation of Cominco Alaska sealift modules for the Red Dog Mine.

[Graph omitted]

REVENUE (Millions $) 2000 518.00 1999 325.00 1998 316.00 1997 291.00 1996 358.00 Change 37% from 1999. 3 Lynden Inc.

6641.S. Airpark. Pl.

Anchorage; AK 99502

Phone: 245-1544

FAX: 245-1744



Jim Jansen, Pres./CEO

Jon Burdick, COO

Dave Haugen, VP

Employees: 1,400

Year Estab: 1954

Rank Last Year: 2




Trucking (less-than truckload and truckload), scheduled and charter tug and barge transportation scheduled and charter Hercules L-382 air cargo operations air and ocean forwarding, dry and liquid bulk material transfer and transport, sanitary (food-grade) bulk transport and Bush Alaska construction projects.


Alaska West Express Alaska Marine Lines, Lynden Air Cargo Lynden Air Freighi, Lynden Transport, Lynden Logistics Lynden International Krik Construction NANA/Lynden Logistics, Alaska Hovercraft, Bering Marine, Alaska Marine Trucking Alaska West Training Center Alaska Railbelt Marine.

[Graph omitted]

REVENUE (Millions $) 2000 388.20 1999 330.71 1998 305.00 1997 284.00 1996 257.00 Change 15% from 1999. 4 Cook Inlet Region Inc.

P.O. Box 93330

Anchorage, AK 99509-3330

Phone: 274-8638

Fax: 263-5183


Carl Marrs, Pres./CEO

Barbara Donatelli, Exec. VP

Mark Kroloff, COO

Employees: 81

Year Estab.: 1972

Rank Last Year: 4


Native Organization


Diversified business investments include tourism and natural resources, heavy equipment, construction, oil-field services, real estate and telecommunications.


Peak Oilfield Service Co.; Alaska Interstate Construction LLC Construction Machinery Hyatt' Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort, NV; The Westin Kievland Resort, AZ; Cook Inlet/Voice Stream PCS; Alaska Heritage Tours; Anchorage RV Park Kenai Fords Tours; Price William Sound Cruises and Tours; Seward Windsong Lodge; Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge; CIRI Alaska Tourism Corp.; Rilz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas, NV.


December special distribution, $500 per share, $313.95, million distributed.

[Graph omitted]

REVENUE (Millions $) 2000 379.69 1999 297.06 1998 251.00 1997 186.00 1996 129.00 Change 22% from 1999 5 Chugach Alaska Corp.

560 E. 34th Ave.; Ste. 300

Anchorage, AK 99503-4396

Phone: 563-8866

Fax: 563-8402


Barney Uhart, Pres./CEO

Terri Bozkaya, VP

Connie Baehr, CFO


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