Alaska Cake Studio.

Author:Anderson, Tasha
Position:DINING - Brief article

For those who need a pick-me-up to fight the fading October light, look no further than the Alaska Cake Studio located at 608 West Fourth Avenue in downtown Anchorage. The bakery/dessert restaurant has a warm, welcoming interior with seating for those taking a break from the cold.

Traditional bakery cases display a variety of treats. Lisa Reusser, Alaska Cake Studio manager, says two different kinds of cupcakes are baked daily, but the only scheduled flavor is the red velvet cakes, which are made on Tuesdays. "Otherwise, [the pastry chefs] just surprise us," Reusser says.

In addition to cupcakes and cake available whole or by the slice, Alaska Cake Studio has a range of fudge, bon bons, and ice cream. Their individually sized silk and mousse desserts generally have some sort of cookie crust, topped with silk or a silk/mousse combination, and then coated, often in chocolate. Flavors range from a berry and chocolate mousse pyramid to a caramel silk pie. Alaska Cake Studio also...

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