Akzo Nobel Inks.

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Akzo Nobel Inks, the global leader in inks for narrow web, mid-web and specialty applications, has been providing innovative products along with unmatched service and support more than 25 years. Our mission is to offer the highest quality products in the industry; award-winning quality is our standard, but we also look beyond the inevitable print quality. With a value-added approach we create services that will deliver improved bottom line profitability for the converter. The result is consistent inks, supplied press-ready, that reduce press downtime, improve productivity and comply with environmental legislations worldwide, From the First Impression.

Our people know the demands our customers are facing and therefore strive for an unequalled dedicated local technical support with a high degree of problem solving ability. The focus and entrepreneurial spirit of our people plays an important role in the responsiveness we offer our customers. We can and we will solve your problem, everywhere!

We put pride into our knowledge and understanding of narrow web printing, and constantly strengthen our own competence in this field via very close cooperation with leading suppliers in the industry. With our Technology Centers, we have state-of-the-art presses enabling us to conduct on-press evaluations. We have created an environment that ensures continued product innovation and we are pro-actively working with customers to ensure that new products are constantly developed for the industry's latest applications.

Our vision is that you only need to work with one ink supplier, Akzo Nobel Inks, because of our people, our service and our products. It is up to us to constantly prove this to you in your operations.


Akzo Nobel Inks is the worldwide market leader in UV and water based inks for narrow web printing, and a major supplier of inks for the packaging, newspaper and commercial printing industry in Europe. Akzo Nobel Inks Narrow Web SBU will continue to dedicate resources to the core technologies of water based flexo and UV curable inks for the flexo, letterpress, offset and screen sectors. We will...

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