Airports Compete For Title of 'Worst Services Provided'.

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Airports are traditionally designed and built by people who travel by private planes. They seem to know how to build large malls, but lack the basic knowledge of what it'll take to make "civilian" travelers comfortable before flying.

In fact, today's airports seem to have become huge shopping centers with some boarding/arrival gates scattered about.

An additional issue is that it seems to take longer to build some airports than it took to build the pyramids! For example, Berlin's new airport, which was supposed to open for business eight years ago, is still nowhere on the radar screen. And a third runway at London's Heathrow, which was approved in 1946, has yet to land.

Another concern is functionality. After opening Its Terminal One in 1998, Milan's Malpensa airport still lacks many working electrical plugs.

Then there are the airports that travelers should avoid at all cost, such as Atlanta, Georgia; Amsterdam Schiphol; and Charles de Gaulle, Paris. In addition to being huge and difficult to navigate, the tiniest of drizzles can cause hours of delays. Each take-off and landing at those airports are spaced apart by two-minute intervals. Therefore, each one-minute delay due to light rain can trigger a 30-minute delay every hour.

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