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New York (AirGuide - Airport News North America) Oct 21, 2012

Airline industry reaches 43-month safety milestone The U.S. airline industry has reached an important milestone. The last fatal airline crash was 43 months ago, making it the longest accident-free period since World War II. While some are now questioning the dollars spent to ensure safety in the future, officials from the Federal Aviation Administration remind of their continued efforts. "There are literally hundreds of people at all the airlines collecting and analyzing data," Margaret Gilligan, FAA's associate administrator for safety, said. "They are working with us voluntarily on all kinds of committees to share that data among themselves because there are things we want an airline to find out and fix for itself. But there are also things we want to understand as an industry that might be systemic, that any individual airline might not see the risk, but when we can combine the data we can see there is a risk emerging that no one has identified yet." Oct 19, 2012

Scanner would check all liquids without opening bottles The Department of Homeland Security is developing the Advanced Bottled Liquid Scanner, a technology that would scan an entire bag without opening bottles to determine whether various liquids contain explosives or flammable materials. Some industry experts say the technology is ambitious and would slow down security lines, but others say it is worth a shot. Oct 19, 2012

Man finds handgun in bathroom at Denver airport Ohio resident Bob Young said he was in a men's restroom at Denver International Airport when he found a handgun. After determining that the weapon was properly screened and identifying its owner, Denver police took the weapon into possession. Oct 19, 2012

Finger, iris scanner installed at Westchester, N.Y., airport Westchester County Airport in New York is the first on the East Coast to use the CLEAR security system. The technology uses fingerprints and iris scans to identify passengers and reduce security-line wait times. Oct 19, 2012

US carriers reported better on-time performance US carriers reported an on-time performance (OTP) arrival rate of 79.1% in August, fractionally down from 79.3% in the year-ago month, but up from JulyOs 76%, according to the US Dept. of TransportationOs (DOT) Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). In August, the carriers filing on-time performance data reported that 5.26% of their flights were delayed by aviation system delays, compared to 6.07% in July; 7.68% by late-arriving aircraft, compared to 9.03% in July; 5.79% by factors within the airlineOs control, such as maintenance or crew problems, compared to 6.32% in July; 0.53% by extreme weather, compared to 0.82 % in July; and 0.04% for security reasons, equal to 0.04% in July. Hawaiian Airlines led all carriers with a 92.8% on-time arrival rate, followed by Alaska Airlines at 89.3% and Delta Air Lines at 83.9%. The worst performers were United Airlines at 72.2%, followed by ExpressJet Airlines at 73.7% and JetBlue Airways at 74%. US carriers reported no tarmac delays of more than 3 hr. on domestic flights and one tarmac delay of 4 hr. or more on international flights in August. D DOT said the international tarmac delay occurred Aug. 15 and involved a Caribbean Airlines flight from New York JFK to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. It was delayed on the tarmac for 4 hr. and 28 min. The cause is under investigation. The reporting carriers canceled 1.3% of their scheduled domestic flights in August, down from the 2.5% cancellation rate in August 2011 and July 2012Os cancellation rate of 1.4%. In August, US DOT received 1,886 complaints about airline service from consumers, up 33.2% from the 1,416 complaints filed in August 2011, but down 23.5% from the 2,466 received in July. Oct 19, 2012

TSA is firing 25 Newark International based employees US Transportation Security Administration said it is firing 25 Newark International (EWR)-based employees and suspending 19 more. The actions to fire/suspend must move through the regulatory process to become official. TSA did not cite the offenses precipitating the dismissals and suspensions, but the announcement comes after investigations into reports of TSA screeners at EWR stealing from passengersO baggage. Eight EWR TSA workers had already been removed earlier this year related to theft. However, the latest firings are believed to be related to lax security practices. Oct 19, 2012

Great Food Options Land At 5 Major Airports LetOs face it: Airport food is as appetizing as a delayed flight. But airports from London to LaGuardia are upping their culinary game. They now offer fresher fast food choices and even fine dining restaurants with star chefs (Gordon Ramsay, for one). Our crew dined at airports around the world, and these five are really taking off. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International As the busiest airport in the world (more than 250,000 passengers fly through here every day), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International is bound to be on your itinerary at least once. It can be a hassle to navigate, but if you have a couple of...

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