Airplane Novel.

Author:Waldman, Mitchell
Position:Book review

Airplane Novel

Paul A. Toth

Raw Dog Screaming Press

2802 Farris Ln, Bowie MD 20715-2306

9781935738138, $TBA,

Passengers, please, buckle your seat belts, we've hit some turbulence that will make the ride a little bumpy from here on out....Welcome to AIRPLANE NOVEL by Paul A. Toth.

Just as the subject of this novel centers around one of the major criminal acts of the modern era--9/11--so, too, may it be said that author Toth has committed a major act of fiction in this new novel, due out in July. The author of such prior novels as Fishnet, Finale, and Fizz, Toth is a wildly original writer. Consider that the narrator is as unlikely a narrator as we have seen in recent times, none other than the World Trade Center's South Tower, itself. Overall, this book is most likely unlike any other books you have recently read.

Toth's story begins with the building's addressing its audience--readers on an airplane headed for who-knows-where. His story introduces us not only to the personalities of the South Tower (which likes to refer to itself as Cary Grant) and its neighboring North Tower (Gary Cooper), but to the lives of an assortment of characters (people who are referred to as a group by the Tower as "spider monkeys") who inhabited or had dealings with the Towers at various times. These persons include a worker who is obsessed with pornographic movie theatres, a veteran who lives in the suburbs and hates his life and everyone in it, everyone, an Arab who emigrates to the United States, a Jew who becomes particularly hateful of a Muslim man who lives in his apartment complex, a high wire trapeze artist, a man who climbs one of the towers, and others whose individual stories relate to the Towers.

The story promises us an ending we are all very aware of, but keeps us moving toward that inevitable...

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