Airlines Serve Up High-Class Cocktails.


8 July, 2016

From complimentary signature cocktails to exclusive partnerships with producers of pre-mixed, spirit-based drinks, airlines are turning to premium beverages to enhance the in-flight experience. For economy-class passengers who have yet to benefit from the trend, W&P Design's bring-you-own approach may do the trick.

One of the ways airlines treat passengers to high-quality in-flight experiences is by whetting their taste buds. JetBlue's Mint class service greets passengers with a signature specialty cocktail consisting of honey-infused limeade, vodka and mint. For United Airlines, the Moscow Mule is the drink of choice. The airline partnered with Chicago-based startup Crafthouse Cocktails to offer complimentary Mules to passengers in premium cabins.

In economy class, a bring-your-own approach may suit passengers looking for premium beverages. The Carry On Cocktail Kit, by W&P Design, gives travelers the opportunity to whip up a variety of classic cocktails in flight. There are five varieties available a including The Gin & Tonic, The Bloody Mary and The Old Fashioned a and each one comes in a separate travel-friendly case. "Plenty of passengers are buying alcohol while in flight, but their cocktail options have been limited to watery, sub-par options," explains Elizabeth Tilton, head of Marketing and Communications at W&P Design. "Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you should have access to a good drink, and The Carry On Cocktail Kit makes that possible."

"Customers are demanding better quality and more natural drinks." a Victoria Carlaw, KALD Cocktails

The in-flight health food trend is slowly seeping into the realm of alcoholic beverages. At last year's Airline Retail Conference, KALD Cocktails took home top recognition for Best New In-Flight Product. "Customers are demanding better...

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