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New York (AirGuide - Airline News North America) Jun 26, 2011

Experts call for big changes in pilot training International experts are recommending fundamental changes in the training of commercial airline pilots, including practicing some emergency maneuvers in small planes rather than simulators. Some air-safety organizations embrace the proposals, which could lead to the biggest changes in aviation training in years, industry officials said. Jun 24, 2011

Authorities arrest TSA agent at Los Angeles airport Authorities arrested a Transportation Security Administration screener for allegedly stealing from travelers at the Los Angeles International Airport. A TSA spokesman declined to comment on the specific case, but said the agency is working with the Los Angeles Police Department to "rid our ranks of thieves." Jun 24, 2011

If you see something, say something This simple yet profound message is at the heart of the Department of Homeland Security's campaign to prevent terrorist activity. Considered soft targets, hotels are encouraged to train their staffs in reporting suspicious activity. To assist in these efforts, AH&LA in partnership with DHS and AHLEI has created exclusive materials for back-of-house areas. Jun 24, 2011

TSA to create trusted traveler program The Transportation Security Administration, which is under pressure to improve its security screening process, plans to launch a trusted traveler pilot program this year. Fliers willing to undergo background checks can sign up for the program that allows them to move through airport checkpoints more quickly. "We hope to ... trial that starting this fall in select airports and [with the] airlines," said TSA Administrator John Pistole. "It's a complex issue and so I want to basically underpromise and overdeliver." Jun 23, 2011

Texas lawmakers will proceed with pat-down bill Lawmakers in Texas will move forward with legislation that would criminalize airport pat-downs in some circumstances, despite the TSA's announcement that it is revising its rules for patting down children. "This legislation is going to protect people's dignity, and it's an effort to protect their freedom to travel," said state Rep. David Simpson. Jun 23, 2011

TSA will select airports for trusted traveler program this fall The Transportation Security Administration will begin a trusted traveler pilot program this year, TSA Administrator John Pistole said. "We're working with airlines, U.S. carriers initially, to say...

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