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New York, Delray Beach (AirGuide - Airline News Latin America / Caribbean) Oct 16, 2011

Airline industry ramps up efforts to develop biofuels. Airlines around the world are expected to burn up to 220 million tons of fuel this year, generating 650 million tons of carbon emissions. The industry is working harder than ever to develop biofuels as the price of fuel remains persistently high and volatile, while pressure mounts to reduce emissions. Six airlines have tested biofuels on some passenger flights, and officials say that trend will continue. "The most significant leap forward in the industry's environmental performance in the coming years will be the commercial use of sustainable biofuels," predicts Tony Tyler, the former CEO of Cathay Pacific. Oct 10, 2011

AvStar Aviation Group AvStar Aviation Group, Inc. Releases Company Activity Update. Aviation Group, Inc. today released the following company update concerning current operations. Twin Air Calypso Limited, Inc. received the first request for additional information from the DOT in mid-September. The nature of the requests was as expected; the responses are being finalized and will be forwarded to the DOT on Friday October 14, 2011. Cuba Authority The application by Twin Air Calypso Limited, Inc. for its Cuban authority is still being processed by OFAC. The company's intention is to open a market from the Ft. Myers/Naples area. This market has just recently opened for Cubatravel via the Regional Southwest International Airport and inquiries to the local Cuban-American population has shown a market exists that is suited to our size of operation. Until Twin Air Calypso receives their authority, the company is negotiating with one of their strategic partners to begin this service using their Cuba Authority to quickly open this market. Further details of the company's plans and projections are being gathered at this time and will be released shortly. Twin Air Calypso Travel Club The company plans to begin issuing the "TwinBucks" card the week of October 17, 2011. The card can be used by our customers for Twin Pack purchases and have the ability to add credit for freight, excess baggage, and other Twin Air Calypso services. The customer will be able to monitor their account on-line and purchase services remotely. As an expansion of the card the company will be introducing the "Twin Air Calypso Travel Club". The club will offer various levels of membership having privileges and discounts...

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