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New York, Delray Beach (AirGuide - Airline News Latin America / Caribbean) Apr 10, 2011

Aeromexico Aeromexico is seeking approval to launch flights from Mexico City to Fresno, California on 1 June. The carrier proposes operating a Boeing 737-700 on a single daily roundtrip flight. Apr 5, 2011

Air France, Airbus French investigators have confirmed they will launch a fifth phase in the search for flight AF447 after the discovery of wreckage from the Air France Airbus A330. The vessel Alucia, whose on-board team located the wreckage during the fourth phase of an extensive search effort, is to leave the mid-Atlantic crash site tomorrow and return to the Brazilian port of Suape. French investigation agency Bureau d'Enquetes et d'Analyses says it is undertaking a fifth phase in the operation - centred on the recovery of the flight recorders and, if necessary, other structures - and that the French Government will fund the work. Apr 8, 2011

BarbadosO Grantley Adams International Airport A strong gas odor forced hundreds of passengers and staff at BarbadosO Grantley Adams International Airport to evacuate the building Wednesday. The source of the odor has not yet been determined, according to local press reports. Officials from the Barbados Fire Service, the National Petroleum Corporation and the Department of Emergency Management inspected the building after the gas smell was reported in the airportOs arrival and departure areas. An unspecified number of people reported feeling chest pains and shortness of brief and had to be taken to hospital. Passengers and staff were instructed to assemble in the airportOs car park during the evacuation while security personnel remained at their stations, according to Keith Goddard, an airport spokesman. Passengers were able to return to the airport approximately two and one-half hours after the leak was reported. For more information on the airport, visit For more information on Barbados, visit Apr 7, 2011

Business Matchmaking Biofuel From Non-Edible Jatropha Plant Proving Its Worth as Aviation Fuel. Business Matchmaking, Inc. has compiled the results of multiple airline tests of oil from the little known non-edible plant Jatropha as a potential substitute for traditional jet fuel with impressive results. The non-profit company specializes in matching small firms with government agencies and major corporations. Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand...

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