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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Airline News Europe) Oct 16, 2011

Air Berlin, Malev Air Berlin and Malev have reached a codeshare agreement beginning Oct. 30 on routes to Budapest from Berlin Tegel, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Zurich. In a next step, both carriers plan to extend the cooperation to each other's frequent flyer programs. Oct 11, 2011

Air France Air France flight powered by fuel blend with used cooking oil. An Air France Airbus A321 flew for more than 350 miles from Toulouse, France, to Paris on a fuel tank filled with a fuel blend of 50% used cooking oil. The plane can carry more than 200 passengers, and it also flew a more direct route using a continuous descent approach. Other airlines such as Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Finnair Oyj have also flown with the 50% biofuel blends. Oct 14, 2011

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC green lights Virgin Australia-Singapore Airlines alliance. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has granted draft approval for Virgin AustraliaOs (VA) comprehensive alliance with Singapore Airlines (SIA). The alliance with SIA completes VAOs global strategy of linking with some of the industryOs major players. In the past year, the airline has won approval for alliances with Delta Airlines, Etihad Airways and Air New Zealand. VA CEO John Borghetti said the alliance will Oenable us to deliver an attractive and competitive service for travelers in Australia and Asia,O calling it a Okey plank in Virgin AustraliaOs strategy to build an international network of airline partners that offers global coverage.O ACCC chairman Rod Sims said the alliance will likely result in material benefits to the public, including enhanced products and services. It is also likely to make OVirgin Australia more competitive with other airlines, including Qantas," Sims said. Oct 14, 2011

Biofuels Airline industry ramps up efforts to develop biofuels. Airlines around the world are expected to burn up to 220 million tons of fuel this year, generating 650 million tons of carbon emissions. The industry is working harder than ever to develop biofuels as the price of fuel remains persistently high and volatile, while pressure mounts to reduce emissions. Six airlines have tested biofuels on some passenger flights, and officials say that trend will continue. "The most significant leap forward in the industry's environmental performance in the coming years will be the commercial use of sustainable biofuels," predicts Tony Tyler, the former CEO of Cathay Pacific. Oct 10, 2011

Eurocontrol European air-traffic agency urges action on lasers. Eurocontrol, the European air traffic agency, says lasers pointed at planes present a growing danger in the European Union. The agency is encouraging the European Union to make the malicious use of lasers a crime. Experts warn that the problem, which is growing in Europe and the U.S., could cause an airplane crash. There were 4,266 laser incidents in the EU last year and 2,836 in the U.S., the agency said. "EU legislation should cover the purchase, the carriage and the use of laser, exactly in the same way as for handguns, rifles and other weapons," said Dragica Stankovic, a Eurocontrol safety expert. Oct 10, 2011

Finnair Airline Routes. Finnair will operate 3X-weekly Helsinki-Dubai Boeing 757 service Oct. 7-March 23. Oct 11, 2011

Frankfurt Airport German court bans night flights at Frankfurt. A German court in Hessen ruled Tuesday that night flights will be banned at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) when the fourth runway opens Oct. 21. The ban, which runs from 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., will affect 17 movements...

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