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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Airline News Europe) Jun 19, 2011

Customer Complaints Spike at Lufthansa, Decrease at British Airways and Air France, Says New Report by UNITE HERE. In April 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a new passenger rights rule that will give the United States greater regulatory authority regarding customer complaints about foreign airlines. For example, for the first time the rule will require international carriers like Lufthansa to provide substantive response to passenger complaints. A new report, available here, analyzes Department of Transportation complaint data for the three major European airlines flying to the United States. The report shows that while complaints about British Airways and Air France have decreased, complaints about Lufthansa are headed in the opposite direction: - Last year, LufthansaOs total passenger complaints went up 70%. Meanwhile British Airways and Air France both saw decreases in total complaints. - Lufthansa customer complaints increased in 2010 in seven of the top eight complaint categories: flight problems, baggage, rescheduling/ticketing, refunds, fares, oversales and disability access. - When 2006 data is compared with 2010 data, Lufthansa saw a 23% increase in total complaints while British Airways and Air France saw complaints drop by over 30%. - In each of the top four customer complaint categories [ETH] flights problems, baggage, ticketing/rescheduling/boarding, and refunds [ETH] Lufthansa trended worse than did British Airways and Air France when 2006 data is compared with 2010 data. You can read more online or download the report. If you have a complaint of your own, you can submit it directly to the U.S. government. The report is featured on the new website Lufthansa Traveler Alert. Lufthansa Traveler Alert,, is a resource for American travelers using EuropeOs largest airline group, which includes Lufthansa, SWISS, BMI and Austrian airlines. On the site, youOll find original reports, collected news and more information about how to submit complaints about the airlines. The site is maintained by UNITE HERE. To make sure travelers know about the new site, we have notified corporate travel professionals as well likely American business travelers about the launch. Jun 13, 2011

Air China Air China Introduces Rotations Between Beijing and Milan. With Air China's flight CA949 taking to the sky on June 15, the carrier's direct rotations between Beijing and Milan were introduced to the market. Milan was the third European destination introduced by Air China in 2011 following Dusseldorf, Germany and Athens, Greece. Up to now, Air China operates flights to 13 European cities, which means the carrier serves the largest number of European destinations among Chinese carriers.

Air China offers its three weekly Beijing-Milan flights, CA949/950, with A330. The flight time is 11 hours and 30 minutes. The outbound flight leaves Beijing at 13:30 and arrives in Milan at 19:00 local time; the inbound flight leaves Milan at 21:00 and arrives in Beijing at 13:30 local time on the following day. Jun 15, 2011

Amadeus Mobile technology will transform the way airlines do business as well as the air travel experience, according to a new study by Amadeus. The report,...

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