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Dec 28, 2008

Airlines can no longer avoid paying compensation for delayed or cancelled flights by blaming technical problems, ruled judges in Europe. The decision by the European Court of Justice on December 22 closes a legal loophole, potentially costing airlines millions in compensation claims. Before the ruling, passengers could not claim for flights delayed or cancelled due to "extreme circumstances." The loophole allowed technical faults to fall under this exemption. However judges ruled that faults "which come to light during maintenance of aircraft or on account of failure to carry out such maintenance do not constitute, in themselves, extraordinary circumstances'."Problems arising from lack of maintenance should be regarded as "inherent in the normal exercise of an air carrier's activity," the court said in a statement. Dec 22, 2008

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus will resume its Shannon-London Heathrow service with twice-daily flights beginning March 29. It closed the route in January but said recent cost-saving measures agreed to by EI staff at SNN, Cork and Dublin along with a "new deal" on charges with the Shannon Airport Authority and a fall in fuel prices, have prompted it to restart service. Ryanair made the restoration of SNN-LHR service a focus of its most recent bid for EI. Dec 23, 2008

Air France, Fokker

French investigators have concluded that icing on the wings of an Air France Regional Fokker 100 contributed to a fatal departure accident at Pau nearly two years ago.Although the jet rotated quickly, after the co-pilot warned of birds during the take-off roll, the Bureau d'Enquetes et d'Analyses (BEA) states that ice contamination led to the jet's subsequent aerodynamic behaviour.As it lifted off for Paris the aircraft oscillated violently, rolling 35[degrees] left, then 67[degrees] right, and 59[degrees] left again. It reached a height of 107ft before descending and touching down to the right of runway 13 at 160kt, just 14s after becoming airborne.The Fokker travelled hundreds of metres along the ground - crossing a road, where it hit a truck and killed the driver - before coming to rest. There were no fatalities among the jet's 54 passengers and crew. Dec 31, 2008

Air Southwest

Air Southwest has announced it is to link Oxford to Jersey for the first time. The new route will be served by a 50-seat Bombardier aircraft flying every Saturday between July 11 and September 12 next year. The airline said it is the first time Oxford...

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