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May 5, 2008

European airline survey showed that Turkish Airlines came top of the lost baggage table, losing only 4.3 bags per 1,000 - followed by Ukrainian airline AeroSvit and Air Malta. Figures showed that overall punctuality on short-haul services saw a marginal improvement, with 80.4% of flights departing within 15mins of schedule compared with 79.3% in the corresponding period in 2007. Long-haul punctuality deteriorated slightly to 68.3% from 68.7% in 2007. May 4, 2008

Alliance, merger plans draw criticism from pilots, carriers. Virgin Atlantic on Thursday said it would protest a trans-Atlantic alliance of British Airways, American Airlines and Continental Airlines. Meanwhile, United Airlines pilots say they object to a possible merger with US Airways. May 2, 2008

Air One

Air One will launch daily Milan Malpensa-Brussels on June 1 aboard a two-class CRJ900. EasyJet will launch four-times-weekly Manchester-Alicante on Sept. 29. Apr 30, 2008

British Airways

British Airways came bottom in the Association of European Airlines[sup.1] table for punctuality and baggage-delivery for the January-March period. The carrier has mislaid 28.9 bags per 1,000 passengers since January, the disastrous launch of Terminal 5 being a large contributing factor. May 4, 2008

British Airways

British Airways to boost fuel surcharge on flights British Airways says its newly announced increased fuel surcharge reflects the company's efforts to combat the high price of oil. Prices for flights outside Europe will increase by as much as $60 per round trip, BA said in a statement. The increased surcharges will apply to all flights booked after Friday. Apr 30, 2008

British Airways

British Airways, also quick to offer help to Eos passengers, is planning on starting business-only flights from London City to New York in 2009, the flag-carrier has obvious advantages over those that have fallen. It ordered two Airbus A318 aircraft to operate the route - each to be fitted with 32 seats - and British Air CEO Willie Walsh said when he announced the service: [sup.3]As well as the business market, we are confident that there will also be a demand from premium leisure customers for this service. [sup.3]The A318 is the perfect aircraft for these flights. It is large enough for us to provide the number of business class seats required to make this a viable operation.[sup.2] Apr 28, 2008

CSA Czech Airlines

CSA Czech Airlines will launch twice-weekly Prague-Almaty on May 1 using A319s. Apr 28, 2008...

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