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New York (AirGuide - Airline News Asia / Pacific) Feb 15, 2010

China's high-speed trains force airlines to cut prices. China's airlines are starting to wage a price war against the country's high-speed trains in a situation that echoes one Europe went through several years ago. "There's no doubt that high-speed rail will defeat airlines on all the routes of less than 800 kilometers," said Ally Ma, an analyst at Citigroup. "The airlines must get themselves in shape, increase their profitability and improve the network." Feb 12, 2010

Macau and Japan have formally signed a new air services agreement that removes all restrictions on capacity except for flights to Tokyo. Previously, Macau's carriers could operate scheduled services to all major airports in Japan with the exception of Tokyo, which had to be served on a charter basis. Under the new agreement, which was signed yesterday, Macau's carriers are allowed to have scheduled services to Tokyo with limits on capacity, says the Macau Government. It does not say what the cap is. Feb 11, 2010

U.S. meets resistance on collection of foreign-visitor data. The U.S. is pushing foreign countries and airlines to provide personal and criminal data on people planning to take flights to the U.S. but have encountered resistance because of possible increased costs. The Obama administration's plan is aimed at preventing terrorists from getting on airplanes overseas. The effort comes after bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded a flight in Amsterdam headed for Detroit on Christmas Day. Police officials allege he attempted to detonate an explosive. The bomb did not go off, and the plane landed safely. Feb 10, 2010

Australian government announced a AUS200 million (USD174.1 million) commitment to boost airport security across the country by 2011. All international airports are to be equipped with full-body scanners and machines that can detect liquid explosives, with AUS28.5 million to be spent on a variety of screening technologies. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said full-body scanners will be introduced by early next year, the Australian Associated Press reported. Australia will spend AUS32 million to increase security at regional airports. More federal police (AUS12.3 million) and sniffer dogs (AUS17.7 million) also will be added and intelligence sharing between customs and law enforcement agencies will be increased to the tune of AUS24.9 million. Among other expenditures announced was a AUS54.2 million investment in cargo x-ray screening and explosive trace detection technology. Feb 10, 2010

Air China

Air China will increase its daily Beijing-Vancouver A330-200 service to 10-times-weekly from June. Feb 9, 2010

Airbus, Koito

Airbus acknowledged this week that EASA barred it in September from delivering aircraft with Koito seats, according to Bloomberg News. The European safety agency determined that the seat-maker failed to share enough pertinent data on its seats to warrant continued approval and that there was evidence of "irregularities" at the company. SIA reportedly was forced to delay delivery of its 11th A380 owing to the issues surrounding Koito seats, while ANA said the launch of its Inspiration of Japan long-haul product aboard a...

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