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New York (AirGuide - Airline News Asia / Pacific) Jun 20, 2010

U.S. air marshal creates international incident with Indian ammo stash.

Federal officials are investigating a U.S. air marshal after workers in India discovered ammunition and handgun magazines hidden in a New Delhi hotel room after he had checked out. The issue is considered sensitive because marshals are required to check their weapons when arriving in a foreign country, in accordance with local laws. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has been meeting with world leaders in an effort to boost international cooperation on aviation security, and officials don't want careless behavior to undermine those efforts. "Ultimately, perceived patterns of careless conduct will adversely impact our ability to maximize our international deployments," marshals were warned in a memo. Jun 16, 2010

Security fears persist over manufacturing of U.S. passports. A computer chip intended to make U.S. passports resistant to counterfeiting is being assembled in a restive industrial city in Thailand, leading to security fears among government experts. The inspector general of the Government Printing Office has noted that 60 vendors around the world have a hand in creating U.S. passports, and officials lack even a rudimentary security plan to prevent those passports from falling into the wrong hands. Lawmakers have previously called on the GPO to bring all passport production into the U.S., but the process remains incomplete, ABC News reports. Jun 15, 2010

Malaysian airport staff rescue smuggled tortoises Tortoises may move slowly, but even a little movement can be a lifesaver. Customs staff at Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport noticed something stirring in two bags and discovered 300 tortoises hidden amid shredded paper. Found taped up inside the sacks were 285 radiated tortoises, 15 spider tortoises, and one Madagascar tortoise _ all endangered species indigenous to Madagascar, said Loo Kean Seong, a senior official of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Two slabs of cannabis weighing about 4 1/2 pounds (2 kilograms) were also discovered, said Nordin Kadir, narcotics chief of central Selangor state, where the airport is located. The bags were abandoned by a passenger who arrived on a flight from Mauritius, he...

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