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Mar 15, 2009

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Air Canada began rerouting flights that normally pass through North Korean airspace after Pyongyang said it was "compelled to declare that security cannot be guaranteed for South Korean civil airplanes flying through the territorial air of our side." Korean and Asiana began rerouting an estimated 15 daily flights that approach South Korea from the east to new flight paths that take aircraft over Japan, adding an estimated 40 min. and $2,500 in operational costs to each flight. South Korea's Unification Ministry estimated that 33 flights pass through North Korean airspace daily, 18 of which are operated by non-Korean airlines. Mar 9, 2009

Air New Zealand, Boeing

Air New Zealand was expected to operate a "tailored arrival" into Los Angeles yesterday as part of a trial to prove the procedure's viability into one of the world's busiest airports. NZ Flight 2, a 777-200ER, was due to complete the tailored arrival at 3 p.m. local time. It is approximately 30 mi. shorter than the conventional arrival and features a customized, efficient descent from cruise to runway, eliminating a stepped approach and saving time and fuel. ANZ operates 747s and 777s on 14 flights per week into Los Angeles from New Zealand, so the potential fuel savings are substantial, ANZ Chief Pilot David Morgan said yesterday, estimating annual savings of at least 600,000 liters of fuel and 1,500 tons of CO2. Last summer ANZ used a tailored arrival into SFO as part of the Asia and South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions program. On that flight alone it saved 4,600 liters of fuel and 12 tons of CO2. Mar 10, 2009

Bangkok Airways, Malaysia Airlines

Bangkok Airways and Malaysia Airlines has either suspended or planned to suspend their daily Macau-bound flight services, the Macau Daily Post reported on Monday, quoting official information from the two airlines. The daily quoted an official of the Thai flag-carrier's office in Macau as saying that the daily services between Macau and the capital of Thailand will stop operating starting from March 28 this year. The Malaysia Airlines opened its direct route to Macau in November 1995, but suspended it in March 1998 due to low demand and unpredictability during the then Asian financial crisis. The airline resumed its Macau-bound service in November 2007. Mar 10, 2009

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines is considering joining a global airline alliance in an...

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