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Mar 24, 2008

Adam Air

Adam Air, the Indonesian budget carrier, which has suffered a series of accidents and defaulted on debt payments, has had its flights grounded over safety concerns, a Transport Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday. Indonesia's Director General of Air Transport had found evidence of potential danger of safety aviation at the airline and operations would be halted from midnight on Tuesday, ministry spokesman Bambang Erfan said. Adam Air, which like all other Indonesian airlines has been banned by the European Union because of safety concerns, said on Monday that a leasing firm had seized more than half its fleet of 22 planes after the airline defaulted on payments. Mar 18, 2008

China Airlines

Taiwan-based China Airlines has announced that economy passengers on transpacific flights to the US with tickets issued after 15 April are allowed a reduced weight limit of 23kg (51 lbs) on their two free checked in bags - previously the limit was 32kg. The charge for bags that exceed the weight limit will be NT$800 ($26) per bag. Alternatively, Dynasty Flyer members can pay for the excess weight with 4,000 mileage points. For business and first class passengers to North America, the weight limit for the two pieces of free luggage remains at 32kg. Paragon members are entitled to two additional pieces of baggage free of charge, and Emerald and Gold members are entitled to one free additional bag. The allowance for Dynasty Flyer members depends on their seat class, and whether or not they have mileage-exchanged upgrade seats or free tickets. China Airlines says it made the changes because it is following the International Air Transport Association[sup.1]s environment protection measures to reduce fuel waste because of global warming. It also admits the increasing price of fuel is an important factor. In addition, China Air has said most US and Canadian airlines revised their weight limits for checked luggage from 32kg to 23kg two years ago. Mar 18, 2008

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines said the strike action planned for yesterday by some company unions was cancelled and flights operated normally. Mar 20, 2008

Okay Airways

Okay Airways shifts focus to regional market. After suffering from continuous setbacks on its trunk routes, Tianjin-based Okay Airways will shift its focus to the regional market when it takes delivery of its first MA60 turboprop this month, according to Chairman Liu Jieyin. Its second MA60 is expected to be introduced in...

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