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Jan 14, 2008

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways said on Monday it would raise its fuel surcharges on international routes, the second increase in less than a year. The airline said the increases, which will take effect from January 17, were in response to record fuel prices. The price of crude oil recently touched USD$100 a barrel, and Qantas said the Singapore jet fuel price was currently trading about USD$114 a barrel. Passengers on international flights from Australia to Europe will pay a surcharge of AUD$210, up from AUD$185, while flights to Asia would attract a surcharge of AUD$120 up from AUD$105. Surcharges on flights to New Zealand increase to AUD$70 from AUD$60. At this stage there would be no change to its domestic surcharges, Qantas said. Last month, Virgin Blue increased its fuel surcharge for domestic flights by 26 percent, its first increase in three years. Jan 7, 2008

Singapore Airlines, Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines at Changi T3. Singapore Airlines will be the first carrier to operate from Changi Airport (Singapore) Terminal 3 beginning on January 9. Flight SQ001 is the first scheduled to arrive at the terminal at 11:50 hours and SQ318 to London will be the first to depart T3 at 12:50. With the expansion of services, customers departing from Changi Airport will check-in at T2 or 3 depending on their destination. The airline says inbound flights may arrive either at T2 or 3 - but information on the correct terminal will be available at least two hours prior to the estimated arrival time. The airline has released a table showing customers which terminal to use for outbound flights. It will also print the correct check-in terminal on e-tickets and boarding passes (including those printed at home before arriving at the airport). More at or Jan 7, 2008

United Airlines

China Scurries To Contain Mice On United Flight. The United States, concerned...

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